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Custodian bank

Founded in 1869, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is one of the world’s top ten custodians, with almost US$3 billion in assets under management. With a global network employing 5,500 people spread across 15 markets worldwide, it is one the world’s largest and strongest banks. It guarantees securities and cash held in custody and certifies the register of shareholders for each sub-fund of the Cosmos-Lux International SICAV.

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Risk Management

Lemanik Asset Management is one of the largest management companies established in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In particular, it provides risk management services and monitors all purchases and sales of securities within the sub-funds of the Cosmos-Lux International SICAV. It ensures compliance with the investment limits set by the shareholders and by applicable regulations (including those issued by the CSSF – Luxembourg Financial Sector Supervisory Commission).



Deloitte is one of the big four audit and consulting firms. It audits the financial statements of the Cosmos-Lux International SICAV and verifies all transactions on behalf of the shareholders. It certifies that a “true and fair view” of each sub-fund’s assets is presented at the end of each financial year.



Under current legislation, shareholders are not subject to any Luxembourg capital gains, income or withholding tax, with the exception of shareholders domiciled, resident or having a permanent establishment in Luxembourg. All financial operators are legally bound by strict professional secrecy.

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Investment adviser

Gestion Luxembourg S.A. provides the Cosmos-Lux International SICAV with exclusive expertise and independence in its choice of investments. One of the leading independent companies established in Luxembourg, the investment adviser is available to answer all your questions about the management of each sub-fund, providing the expertise needed to optimise a comprehensive approach to asset management.

Open-end investment company with multiple sub-funds
SICAV governed by Luxembourg law – European UCITS IV passport

Registered office: 106 Route d’Arlon, L-8210 Mamer, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Luxembourg commercial registry no. B 41467 Legal notice filed with the registrar of the District Court of and in Luxembourg

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